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About Trangie

About Trangie

Trangie is a small country service centre located on the Mitchell Highway about 500km north-west of Sydney as is part of the Macquarie Valley Irrigation Area. Neighbouring towns include Narromine, 35km to the south-east, and Nyngan, 90km to the northwest.

A small town of approximately 1,100 people, it is dominated visually by the Trangie silo which is testament to Trangie’s location with the renowned wheat area of Narromine. In addition to wheat, other agricultural activities include cotton, wool, sorghum, and fat lambs.

In terms of indigenous culture, the area is that of the Wongaibon people prior to white settlement. 'Trangie' is an indigenous word said to mean 'quick'.

European development is the town and region stems back to 'Weemaabah' station, established, in the 1830s, with the Cobb & Co. Coaches passing through the property on the route from Dubbo to Bourke, however a township did not develop until the railway arrived in 1882; an initiative that greatly benefitted local wool producers.

In 1915 a 4000 ha experimental farm was established in Trangie the farm was at the forefront of technological changes which came to the district, driving the expansion of livestock and cropping industries. Today research at TARC continues to transform the way we live and farm.


Outback Beds

Outback Beds at Trangie

  • We are situated next to the town swimming pool and sports complex, with plenty of large trees for shade and grass areas for camping. The park has many drive though sites and garden beds dividing each site. We will take you to your site and assist you in placing your van/camper.

Getting to Trangie

Driving to Trangie

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There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Trangie.

The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your Outback Beds experience.

From Brisbane:

Newell Hwy <> Oxley Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 878km approx

From Sydney:

Castlereagh Hwy <> Golden Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 467km approx

From Melbourne:

Hume Hwy <> Newell Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 846km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 1,198km approx


Travel & Touring

Trangie Touring Routes

  • Never been to the outback but really want to go? Then this touring route is the perfect way to get an insight and understanding of what makes the outback such a wonderful place to visit. The Outback Intro tour while take you to the ‘Back O Bourke’ and you will be able to do so easily and safely in a non-4x4 vehicle with your Outback Beds hosts expecting you every step of the way. After all, the Outback Beds motto is “travel in the outback with friends...

Visitor Information

Trangie Visitor Information Centre

Imperial Coffee Shop, Mitchell Highway,
Trangie, NSW 2823

Phone: (02) 6888 7512

Trangie Weather Outlook