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Pet Friendly

Conditions apply – Please enquire

Trangie Caravan Park

Trangie Accommodation

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Welcome to Trangie Caravan Park!

trangie cp hosts

We are situated next to the town swimming pool and sports complex where we have large trees for shade and all our sites are drive through.

We have 6 unique timber cabins and a fully equipped camp kitchen.

Each night we have a happy hour in the winter months around our fire pit and in the summer our camp kitchen where you can learn about the local cotton industry and the growing of cotton.


So if you are traveling to or from any of our Outback Bed partners why not make a stopover in Trangie where we would love to hear about your trips .


Our Town

  • Trangie is a small country service centre located on the Mitchell Highway about 500km north-west of Sydney as is part of the Macquarie Valley Irrigation Area. Neighbouring towns include Narromine, 35km to the south-east, and Nyngan, 90km to the northwest. A small town of approximately 1,100 people, it is dominated visually by the Trangie silo which is testament to Trangie’s location with the renowned wheat area of Narromine. In addition to wheat, other agricultural activities include cotton, wool, sorghum, and fat lambs.



Accommodation at Trangie Caravan Park


trangie caravan park 02trangie caravan park 01We have two types of cabins you can choose from all with ensuites, Queen bed or single king beds.

If you would like to see more about our cabins visit our web site for a video tour .

Caravan Sites

trangie caravan park 03trangie caravan park 04Powered site (full use sites)

Unpowered site

Fully contained vehicles

These sites are for when you just need a safe place to stop. With these you are still invited to our happy hour.

We have a single rate for those traveling on there own .

Things to Do

Things to do in and around Trangie

Bird watching

We can arrange for people to spend the day out at one off the local bird watching area only 3 klm from the park
We also have the Goan water hole a short walk from the park the water hole was an old aboriginal watering spot were many bird spend there day

Gin Gin Weir:

Is about 17 klm from the park on a good sealed road were you can fish or swim and the fishing is reported to be good.

The weir is on the Macquarie river and was used for irrigation up till the early 1900.

Trangie is part of the Cobb and co route and some of the old staging post is still in town you can also get information on were the Cobb and co traveled too and from

If you are a fire truck buff then you can visit the small museum in town that has the old town fire truck on show its a 1918 Garford fire engine

There is a walking map available from the park that takes you around town and points out the past history of the town

Also at the Goan water hole is a bbq and toilet area were the local action group have set up an information board on the history of the area

Gin Tours:

During the cotton picking season the local gin is open for tours late April to mid June. We have 2 gins within a short drive from town .

If you are interested in how cotton is grown then we can arrange a visit to a local cotton farm

Golf & Bowls:

If you enjoy a game of golf then the 18 hole course will test your skill its a sand scrap course and only $2 for 18 holes women play comp on Tuesday and men on Saturday were visitors are most welcome

The town also has a first class bowels club and again visitors can join in a weekly comp and fun days in the summer months there is also tylight bowels

Rabbit Trap Hotel:

If you want to venture further afield but use Trangie as your base then a trip to the Rabbit Trap Hotel for one of the best burgers in NSW is a must its at Albert a short dive off 40 klm from Trangie

Trangie Races:

Trangie has its own race track were 2 race days are held each year one being on the first Monday after christmass and the second is in March

Pubs, Clubs & Food:

Trangie has 3 hotels of which 2 serve meals 6 days a week not Sunday's.

The bowels club has the local Chinese restaurant which is open 7 days with take way.

We have 2 coffee shops 1 being the local bakery were there cakes are to die for.

Local Pool:

If you are traveling though our area in the summer months and need a cool dip then the council swimming pool is open from 12 till 7 each day up till the last weekend in March.

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Getting Here

Getting to Trangie Caravan Park

Trangie Caravan Park is centrally located in Trangie on the western side of town.

Driving to Trangie

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Open Information on town or member by clicking panel on top left of map.

There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Trangie.

The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your Outback Beds experience.

From Brisbane:

Newell Hwy <> Oxley Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 878km approx

From Sydney:

Castlereagh Hwy <> Golden Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 467km approx

From Melbourne:

Hume Hwy <> Newell Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 846km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Hwy <> Mitchell Hwy: Distance = 1,198km approx


Touring Routes

Touring Routes

  • Never been to the outback but really want to go? Then this touring route is the perfect way to get an insight and understanding of what makes the outback such a wonderful place to visit. The Outback Intro tour while take you to the ‘Back O Bourke’ and you will be able to do so easily and safely in a non-4x4 vehicle with your Outback Beds hosts expecting you every step of the way. After all, the Outback Beds motto is “travel in the outback with friends...


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