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For the traveller, Thargomindah and the surrounding area offers wonderful National Parks (Lake Bindegolly NP and Currawinya NP), friendly farm stays, unique birdlife, amazing geomorphology of ancient land forms including massive sand dunes, historic pubs, and carpets of outback wildflowers after replenishing rains.

About Thargomindah

About Thargomindah

Ideally located above the Great Artesian Basin, Thargomindah is the site of Australia’s first hydroelectricity scheme utilising the high-pressure artesian bore water which was able to supply the town’s electricity needs until the 1950’s. Thargomindah was established in the 1870’s as a service town for the surrounding stations like Bulloo Downs, Durham Downs and Thargomindah Station. It also became an important transport hub for the movement of the wool clip from south-west Queensland to the river boat port at Bourke for transport down to Wentworth and then onto Echuca or Adelaide. The road is sealed to Thargomindah and continues west to Noccundra, the Burke and Wills dig tree and then on to the tiny town of Innamincka.

The Burke and Wills 'Dig Tree', 300 km west, tells a story of explorer misfortune, bad luck and bad timing. It was under the shade of this Coolabah tree on the Banks of Cooper Creek that the explorers established their Base Camp in November of 1860. Burke and Wills continued on the quest to reach the Gulf of Carpentaria and left a small support group behind with supplies for their return from the 1,300km trek. Those left behind waited, dutifully for months and departed when they assumed the Burke & Wills party had perished.

The expedition, less one, arrived at the tree marked ‘dig’ the day after the waiting party left. Although they found the stored provisions, they were unable to find the rest of their party and finally died of starvation. Their graves are about 320kms north-west of Thargomindah and are 25kms apart. Thargomindah, the headquarters for the Bulloo Shire, is an outback town where the pace of life is mellow. Sparsely populated with just 220 people in a shire with an area of 73,000 km, it’s a reminder that Australia has a vast interior.

See the newest attraction, the Hydro Power Plant and Display Park and the century old artesian bore. Also take the new Bulloo River Walk and visit Leahy Historical House. Thargomindah has a beautiful new Visitor Information Centre complete with the best Coffee Shop in SW Queensland as well as the beautifully restored old hospital which has a wealth of information on the history of Thargomindah and its early day inhabitants. Facilities in Thargomindah include a General Store, Post Office, Pub, Caravan Park, Motel and Restaurant, and a Garage for all things mechanical. Eftpos is available as is internet access and mobile phone coverage on the next g network and with a Telstra phone.

Outback Beds

Outback Beds in South West Queensland

  • Imagine sitting by your campfire as a vivid, red sun sets over a timeless Outback landscape. Parrots chatter in nearby Coolabah trees as the purple dusk creeps across a cloudless sky. This is Kilcowera Station - a stunning contrast of mulga rangelands and ephemeral wetlands brimming with birdlife in South West Queensland. Halfway along the Dowling Track, Kilcowera is adjacent to the RAMSAR listed Currawinya NP and offers exceptional views and access to Lake Wyara.

Getting to Thargomindah

Driving to Thargomindah

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There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to the Thargomindah.

The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your Outback Beds experience.

From Brisbane:

Warrego Hwy <> Adventure Way: Distance = 1,100km approx

From Sydney:

Western Freeway > Mitchell Highway: Distance = 1,215km approx

From Melbourne:

Hume Highway <> Newell Highway <> Mitchell Highway: Distance = 1,441km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway <> Explorers Way: Distance = 1,232km approx


Travel & Touring

Thargomindah Touring Routes

  • How outback do you want to go? The Corner Explorer touring route is one for the adventurer. While this involves outback driving on unsealed roads, it is possible to do it in a conventional vehicle (although a higher clearance SUV is probably better). On trips like this, always phone ahead to get an update on road conditions.

  • Travel in the footsteps of Vincent James Dowling and other early pioneers who over 100 years ago discovered this area, known as the “Plains of Promise”- people travelled the track looking for a new life and new opportunities. The Australian author, Henry Lawson walked from Bourke to Hungerford and back in the hellish summer heat looking for work. The Dowling Track isa 4WD experience linking Back ‘O’ Bourke and beyond to Quilpie in SW QLD. Immerse yourself in the rich and divers heritage as you travel this unspoilt land. See the stars stretch forever. It is where your journey becomes more important than your final destination.

Visitor Information

Thargomindah Visitor Information Centre

37 Dowling Street Thargomindah QLD 4492
Ph: (07) 4621 8095


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