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Pimpara Lake Station

Corner Country Accommodation


Welcome to Pimpara Lake Station!

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Pimpara Lake Station is a family owned and operated station property located in the far west of outback New South Wales, in the area known as Corner Country. It is a property traversed by the Packsaddle Creek and features a number of ephemeral and salt lakes.

One of the historical features of the property is that it backs onto the sand dunes and salty creeks over which Sturt's expedition struggled between the campsite on Flood's Creek and their most famous site at Depot Glen.


Ruth and Jon Sandow made the property their home 37 years ago and have worked to ensure that station management methodologies are consistent with total grazing pressure best practices.

Ruth is actively involved with the heritage projects in Milparinka, and the RFDS SE Section. Jon is a pilot of more than 20 years' experience.

Our Town

  • Milparinka, 40 kilometres to the south of Tibooburra, is something of an enigma, a town that thrived during the 1890s but gradually declined as the prospect of growing wealthy from gold discovery also declined. Set on the banks of Sturt's Evelyn Creek its heritage value is outstanding. The Albert (Milparinka) Hotel and the beautifully restored sandstone Courthouse and police station complex complement each other. A volunteer-run Visitor Information Centre and local history interpretive museum operates from March through to October.



Corner Country Accommodation

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pimpara station accomm 02The fully-equipped shearer's quarters are available for hire, (large kitchen and dining room, BBQ and fire pit area) with single beds for up to twelve people. Bedding can be provided upon request.

Caravaners may park at the shearer’s quarters and connect to the power.
Showers, toilets are available for campers to use.

Tours can be self-drive with map and print information. A 2-3 hour accompanied tour may be available upon request. A unique area known as the “the cliffs” is only accessible under guidance and can take up to 3 hours. Watering points, stock yards and land-care initiatives form part of property tour commentary, as well as land-systems, plant and animal life.

Special arrangements can be made about accommodation and meals for fly-ins.

Prior notification is essential for all accommodation in shearer’s quarters and at the homestead, meals and accompanied tours. Camping is somewhat more flexible.

There are also a number of walks and drives that can be taken.

Things to Do

Things to in and around Pimpara Lake Station

Beautiful ephemeral lake-side campsites make Pimpara Lake a perfect location for a quiet get-away. (Ephemeral lakes may not always have water. Even when dry they provide lovely camping sites).

There are scores of native birds (more than 100 have been identified) and other wild-life on the property, plenty of places for walking or not too difficult 4 Wheel-driving.

Sites to visit include a large sand-hill (fun for the children), a salt lake or freshwater lakes, or a trail around some of the property's built features, such as dams and yards. Wood for fires is available at camp sites. Dogs are welcome.

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Getting Here

Getting to Pimpara Lake Station

Pimpara Lake is located 200 km north of Broken Hill and is easily reached from the Silver City Highway. Shortly after the T 190 kilometre mark, watch for a tee junction and the Sanpah Road. Travel 20 kilometres to the west, then at the next tee junction, turn and drive 40 kms northwards on the Pimpara Lake This is a two and a half to three hour drive from Broken Hill. It does not go through Packsaddle.

Alternately, follow the Sturt's Track touring route from Pine View Station.

Pimpara Lake is also 130 kms south of Milparinka. From the Milparinka Heritage Precinct take the Mt Shannon road south to Pincally, travel easterly on the Mount Arrowsmith Road before turning south onto the Pimpara Lake Road.


Pimpara Lake lies beneath the flight path from Broken Hill to Tibooburra, or Broken Hill to Lake Eyre and Birdsville. The airfield is located adjacent to the Shearer's Quarters. Locate us on WAC 3355 30.26S 141.43E

Special arrangements can be made about accommodation and meals for fly-ins. Please book ahead to make arrangements.

Driving to the Corner Country

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There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Milparinka.

The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your Outback Beds experience.

From Brisbane:

Warrego Hwy <> Kamilaroi Highway <> Bourke-Hawker Gate Road (Unsealed): Distance = 1,370km approx

From Sydney:

Mitchell Highway > Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway (Unsealed): Distance = 1,250km approx

From Melbourne:

Calder Highway <>Silver City Highway: Distance = 1,130km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway: Distance = 910km approx


Touring Routes

Touring Routes

  • How outback do you want to go? The Corner Explorer touring route is one for the adventurer. While this involves outback driving on unsealed roads, it is possible to do it in a conventional vehicle (although a higher clearance SUV is probably better). On trips like this, always phone ahead to get an update on road conditions.


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