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Milparinka, 40 kilometres to the south of Tibooburra, is something of an enigma, a town that thrived during the 1890s but gradually declined as the prospect of growing wealthy from gold discovery also declined.

Set on the banks of Sturt's Evelyn Creek its heritage value is outstanding. The Albert (Milparinka) Hotel and the beautifully restored sandstone Courthouse and police station complex complement each other. A volunteer-run Visitor Information Centre and local history interpretive museum operates from March through to October.

About the Milparinka

About the Milparinka

After the 'Gold Rush that swept through the Corner, and despite gold not being found in Milparinka, the town grew into a substantial township with four hotels, a bank, shops, a library, a newspaper office, police station and courthouse, a Cobb and Co office, school, post office and more. Plans were made to build a hospital. The telegraph was linked to Sydney in 1896, and coach services arrived twice a week from Wilcannia and later Broken Hill.

Today, Milparinka is a ghost of its former self, but as heritage township has much to offer. A devoted local community group has restored four of the most significant buildings, the courthouse, police station, gaol cells, and former kitchen and turned them into a vibrant, awarding winning Heritage Precinct. A Visitor Information Centre operates with the help of "visiting volunteers" during the tourist season.

A walking trail around the township connects significant historic locations, whilst ongoing survey work is reconstructing the original town layout. A pastoral museum, public gardens and pioneer memorials complete the attractions.

Today beautifully restored colonial buildings provide the venue for interpretive and visitor information, while garden-sites combine recreation and learning with hands-on mining displays for children (and the young at heart).

Don't drive past! Call in and say hullo to Visiting Volunteers who manage the facilities and share a complimentary coffee or tea with friends.

Outback Beds

Corner Country Outback Beds

  • Pimpara Lake Station is a family owned and operated station property located in the far west of outback New South Wales, in the area known as Corner Country. It is a property traversed by the Packsaddle Creek and features a number of ephemeral and salt lakes. One of the historical features of the property is that it backs onto the sand dunes and salty creeks over which Sturt's expedition struggled between the campsite on Flood's Creek and their most famous site at Depot Glen.

  • Serving Beer since 1882, the Historic Sandstone Noccundra Hotel, on Nockatunga Station South-West QLD, invites you to experience a little bit of the past on our gum-lined river-fronted bush camp grounds. The Noccundra Hotel is the only surviving building in the historic township of Noccundra, and it serves as an important link with the establishment of pastoral settlement in the area. The Hotel was built of quarried sandstone, and transported to Noccundra by camel train. The township of Noccundra has a population of 3 and is situated adjacent to the Wilson River, 142km west of Thargomindah.

  • Few pubs in Australia are more iconic than the Family Hotel in Tibooburra and few places are more welcoming than the Corner Country town of Tibooburra. The hotel, run by Melissa and William Thomson who have owned it since 2013, was built in 1882 by Francis Bladon. Originally it was known as the Tattersall’s Hotel but its name changed to Downie's Family Hotel in 1887. Despite having eighteen owners in its 128 year history, it has always retained ‘Family’ in its title.

Getting to the Milparinka

Driving to Milparinka

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There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Milparinka.

The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your Outback Beds experience.

From Brisbane:

Warrego Hwy <> Kamilaroi Highway <> Bourke-Hawker Gate Road (Unsealed): Distance = 1,370km approx

From Sydney:

Mitchell Highway > Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway (Unsealed): Distance = 1,250km approx

From Melbourne:

Calder Highway <>Silver City Highway: Distance = 1,130km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway: Distance = 910km approx


Travel & Touring

Corner Country Touring Routes

  • How outback do you want to go? The Corner Explorer touring route is one for the adventurer. While this involves outback driving on unsealed roads, it is possible to do it in a conventional vehicle (although a higher clearance SUV is probably better). On trips like this, always phone ahead to get an update on road conditions.

Visitor Information

Corner Country Visitor Information Centre

Ph: 08 8091 3862


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