Kinchega National Park

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With the magnificent Darling River forming its eastern border, Kinchega National Park was formerly part of the Kinchega-Kars pastoral lease, which covered 800,000 hectares and extended all the way from Menindee to Broken Hill. 

The area of Kinchega incorporates half the lakes which make up the Menindee Lakes; man-made lakes (originally pondages of the Darling River) fed by the seasonal flow of the Darling River.

Some of the most iconic Darling River vistas can be viewed at Kinchega and the banks provide idyllic camping sites with abundant birdlife and wonderful fishing spots.

Kinchega shearing shed is in remarkable condition and is a great insight to a bygone era with many preserved examples of equipment and machinery.  As part of the handover ceremony in 1967, the last sheep was shorn, taking the total to 6 million over the life of the station.

As it is part of the Menindee Lakes and the Darling River, the area has an abundance of remnants of Aboriginal occupation including settlement sites, middens, ceremonial sites and scarred trees.  It was often a meeting place of the Barkintji people (the people of the Darling River) and Wiljakali people, traditionally of the Broken Hill area.

Kinchega NP is located at Menindee, 1 hr drive south of Broken Hill (Sealed Road)


Nearby Towns

  • "There was Harrison, who made his pile when Pardon won the cup...." so penned Banjo Paterson in the immortal poem 'The Man from Snowy River'. The 'Cup' actually refers to the Presidents Cup at Menindee and not the Melbourne Cup as many people have assumed. Menindee is a town steeped in legend and history for Indigenous and European culture.


Outback Beds Members & Touring

  • The Broken Hill Loop allows the visitor to explore the wonderment of southwest NSW, from the ethereal Mungo National Park, to the Darling River and picnic areas of Kinchega, this region is rich with indigenous history and culture as well as European/Pastoral history. A large part of this touring route focusses on the Darling River and some of the iconic towns of the Lower Darling including Wentworth, Pooncarie and Menindee. But it is not all about river towns as the ‘Capital of the outback’, Broken Hill, is a highlight of this route that deserves a visit for at least a few days.

  • Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and the anthropological significant Lake Mungo as well as a taste of the lower Darling including Menindee Lakes before heading upstream and to Wilcannia and onto the iconic opal town of White Cliffs… this touring route is a must for the adventure minded.

  • The Darling River Run from Walgett to Wentworth is a spectacular journey stretching nearly 950 kilometres following alongside the mighty Darling. This memorable road trip is rich in history of pioneering days, showcases impressive scenery and highlights indigenous history and culture. Meandering alongside the Darling River be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an abundance of ora and fauna endemic to the region.