Food & Wine Touring Route

Outback Driving Adventures

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Total Route Details:

  • Distance: 610km - Mostly Sealed Roads
  • Allow: Min 4 Days (4 Nights)


Welcome to our Outback Bed touring route where you will visit wonderful historic homesteads, award-winning gardens and sample some beautiful food, much of it homegrown by your remarkable hosts. Be fascinated by an Outback life. Below are our Outback Bed members along this route waiting to make you welcome, each with a food specialty for you to try.

Of course, these delicious meals are optional but if you are up for a treat please remember to discuss meals and prices with your hosts before you arrive and preferably when you book your accommodation.

[Conditions may apply, e.g. minimum numbers, fire bans, water levels and time of year, so talk with your hosts first.]

Temptations from Julie and Bruce at CORYNNIA (between Griffith and Hay) 02 6993 5807

• Sundowners around the campfire or on the homestead terrace with your hosts • Delicious BBQ hampers featuring homestead garden or local produce • Also ask about Bruce’s farm tour where he shares his passion for agriculture and explains the use of technologically innovative farming methods for cotton, grain and merino production

Temptations from Di and Iain at LAKE PAIKA (near Balranald) 0427 206 801

• Fully cooked meals delivered to your accommodation • Picnic baskets and dinner hampers • High tea in the beautiful gardens • Sunset lake cruises with grazing platters and wine • Camp oven meals overlooking the lake • Work it all off, hire a kayak for a paddle on the lake

Temptations from Tertia and Ken at BURRABUROON (between Hay and Deniliquin) 02 6993 0699

• Camp oven dinners under the stars and with bonfires in colder weather • Fresh home cooked meals with hosts • Sundowner cruise with drinks and tapas • Beehives, quondong and olive plantations producing honey, marmalades and other produce • Also ask about the Aboriginal Elder guided walks through the property

Temptations from team Barb at BINDARA (between Mildura and Broken Hill) 08 8091 7412

• Ask about the farm tours featuring Aboriginal, early pioneer and natural history sites • Camp oven dinners (BYO) using organic produce from the home orchards and gardens • Full breakfast featuring home grown meats, eggs tomatoes and asparagus (seasonal)

10 best other food and wine experiences in the region as voted by your Outback Beds hosts:

  1. Sunraysia Cellar Door and provedore in Mildura.
  2. Varapodio Estate olive oil and cafe at Buronga near Mildura / Wentworth.
  3. Trentham Estate winery on the banks of the Murray at Trentham Cliffs near Buronga.
  4. Provence restaurant or Stefano’s in Mildura and nearby Mildura Brewery Pub.
  5. Limone in Griffith with award-winning chef Luke Piccolo.
  6. Lunch in Griffith @ Zecca and coffee at la Piccola.
  7. Bella Vita wine and food tours in Griffith.
  8. Pub meals: try the Crown at Wentworth, or wood fired pizza at the Maidens in Menindee (the Burke & Wills pub), the Pooncarie pub, the Tydvil in Broken Hill, or the historic Homebush north of Balranald.
  9. Calabria Family Wines in Griffith voted Best Australian cellar door 2019.
  10. Wentworth Cruiser - Wine & Dine dinner Cruise on the Darling.

Safe Outback Travel

This touring route encompasses remote outback drive and as such some safety precautions will ensure you get the most out of your adventure.


  • Determine if your vehicle is appropriate for the intended journey.
  • Ensure your vehicle is fully serviced before embarking on your holiday.
  • Take spare parts that may be needed. (Fuses, tyre, belts etc)
  • Carry spare fuel.
  • Buy a first aid kit.
  • Do not overload your car – especially if using roof racks
  • Water – carry enough water for at least 1 day (10+)


  • Plan to stop and explorer the areas you are travelling through. This will break the trip up and keep you fresh. Plan to do this every 2-3 hours.
  • Be aware when approaching livestock as they will not necessarily keep off the road and can cross when you least expect it.
  • Try avoiding driving at sunrise and sunset as many native animals (Roos and Emus) will be active then and will be attracted to your headlights and can jump in front of your vehicle – and cause serious damage.
  • If you wish to overtake trucks, a quick flash of you lights is often appreciated.
  • Road trains (double semi-trailers) are long and will take twice as long to overtake than a normal truck. Plan to overtake with caution.


  • Drive at a safe speed (10-20kms less) as conditions on unsealed roads can change quickly.
  • If approaching another vehicle, slow down and move to the left as this will reduce stone damage (windscreen and paint) and reduce dust which may inhibit vision to what is behind their vehicle and yours.
  • Slow when approaching cattle grids as some may be raised or dropped and can be hazardous if crossing at speed.
  • Don’t drive on closed roads.
  • If stopping for some reason, pull over and don’t stop in the middle of the road. If venturing off the main road, take care as the side drain may look dry but maybe wet underneath.
  • Approach creek crossing with caution… they may be washed out and can cause serious damage to your car.


  • If for some reason your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck. STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE. Someone will always come by.


  • Country people are renowned for their hospitality but remember that their property is their home and livelihood and not all are amenable to random access of their properties; in the same way you would not be at your home or office.
  • Always leave gates as you find them not as you think they should be.
  • Ask permission for camping at the homestead. Check with the station owner before camping and let them nominate a place for you.

  • The town of Quilpie, in Outback Queensland, offers the visitor experiences that can be laid pack or active with activities ranging from fishing and picnicking at the Bulloo River to beautiful parks and nature reserves for the botanically minded. When in season, the wildflowers are abundant across ...

  • The most isolated town in NSW, Tibooburra is the ultimate destination of those travelling to the Corner Country and beyond. Originally named The Granites due to the ancient granite tors that surround the village, Tibooburra formed part of the Albert goldfields. Life in the Albert goldfields was to...

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  • On the Silver City Highway between Broken Hill and Tibooburra, you'll find Packsaddle. A gum-lined creek crosses the highway a short distance to the north of the Packsaddle Roadhouse and some say the creek was named when Burke and Wills crossed the area to the east, near Wonnaminta.

  • "If you know Bourke, you know Australia" so wrote the famous Australian poet Henry Lawson in 1882. Although Bourke is a town, it is something that is etched in the psyche of Australia and is commonly used as a reference point to the start of the true Outback. 'Back o Bourke' is a colloquial term f...

  • Broken Hill, known as 'The Silver City', is the largest centre in Outback NSW and is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Outback”. Located 1,160 km from Sydney, the city came into existence in 1885 after Charles Rasp recognized the mineral potential of the area two years earlier. Today the city...

  • Eromanga is famous on several counts, firstly for being the furthest town from the ocean in Australia and secondly for producing 60 million litres of oil per year. The latest and most exciting claim to fame is the significant paleontological discoveries of Australia’s largest dinosaurs on a proper...