Family Hotel, Tibooburra

Corner Country Accommodation

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Welcome to the Family Hotel!

family host

Few pubs in Australia are more iconic than the Family Hotel in Tibooburra and few places are more welcoming than the Corner Country town of Tibooburra.

The hotel, run by Melissa and William Thomson who have owned it since 2013, was built in 1882 by Francis Bladon. Originally it was known as the Tattersall’s Hotel but its name changed to Downie's Family Hotel in 1887. Despite having eighteen owners in its 128 year history, it has always retained ‘Family’ in its title.

The Cobb & Co network once had the hotel as a base and some of the original horse stables remain standing today.

Constructed of locally quarried sandstone with a veranda along the front, the hotel has become famous as the outback pub with murals on the walls. During the 1960s Australian artists Clifton Pugh, Russell Drysdale and others spent several weeks painting in the outback. Using the Family Hotel as a base, and the outback as their inspiration, they added their own style of art to walls within the hotel.


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