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The Culgoa National Park, which shares its northern border with the Culgoa Floodplain National Park in Queensland, is a relatively small park but is no less important. Its location within the Murray Darling basin, in addition to Aboriginal and European culture makes this a unique park.

With the Coolibah-lined Culgoa River running through the park it's a birdwatchers paradise and a must after spring rains for those interested in outback wildflowers.

The park offers the visitor camping and picnic areas which are ideal for car-based and caravan camping.

Culgoa National Park is 100 km north of Brewarrina or 180 km north east of Bourke. Roads to Culgoa National Park are unsealed dry-weather roads.

There is a wonderful camping site among the gidgee trees a near the river and perfectly located to the Riverbank and Connelly's Walks. For more information on Culgoa National Park.


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