The Broken Hill Loop

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Total Route Details:

  • Distance: 785km - Mostly Unsealed Roads
  • Allow: Min 4 Days (3 Nights)


The Broken Hill Loop allows the visitor to explore the wonderment of southwest NSW, from the ethereal Mungo National Park, to the Darling River and picnic areas of Kinchega, this region is rich with indigenous history and culture as well as European/Pastoral history.

A large part of this touring route focusses on the Darling River and some of the iconic towns of the Lower Darling including Wentworth, Pooncarie and Menindee. But it is not all about river towns as the ‘Capital of the outback’, Broken Hill, is a highlight of this route that deserves a visit for at least a few days.

Wentworth, located at the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers, is a good starting point for those coming from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney; and it includes a nice drive north along the Silver City Highway to Broken Hill.

Route Sections:

Wentworth <> Broken Hill:

  • Route: Silver City Highway (267 km - about 3 hours) - Sealed

Broken Hill, regarded by many as the epicentre of Outback NSW, may have developed from mining and the origins of BHP, but the town has evolved to one rich in arts and culture with much on offer for the outback traveler. Our Member Imperial Fine Accommodation make the perfect place to stay in Broken Hill,

Broken Hill <> Menindee:

  • Route: Broken Hill - Menindee Road (112 km - about 1.5 hours) - Sealed

From Broken Hill, Menindee and the Menindee Lakes is the next destination and an opportunity to experience the Darling River, particularly Kinchega National Park which is regarded by many as the best place to camp on the Darling River. Add to that, there is some wonderful pioneering history to experience as the park was once part of a much larger sheep property.

Menindee <> Bindara Station:

  • Route: Lake Tandou Road <> Bindara-Tandou Road (85km - about 1.5 hours) - Unsealed

Heading downstream from Menindee, on the western side of the river though Kinchega, the next destination on the loop is Bindara on the Darling, about 85km downstream, which makes a perfect place to stay a night or two.

Bindara <> Lake Mungo:

Route: Polia Road <> High Darling Road <> Top Hut Road (180km - about 3 hours) - Unsealed

Next stop, the magneficent Lake Mungo and Mungo National Park.

From Bindara, continue downstream on the Darling River Run, crossing the river just south of Pooncarie, then onto Mungo National Park.

Lake Mungo is one of those places that always at the top of any list of things to experience in Outback NSW. Its spectacular lunette and Walls of China are an ethereal experience; it is one of the most significant anthropological and archaeological sites in the world. For accommodation options, be sure the check out our member Mungo Lodge.

Lake Mungo <> Wentworth:

Route: Arumpo Road <> Silver City Highway (140km - about 2 hours) - Unsealed

From Lake Mungo, it is a short drive to Wentworth (via Mildura)

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  • Broken Hill, known as 'The Silver City', is the largest centre in Outback NSW and is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Outback”. Located 1,160 km from Sydney, the city came into existence in 1885 after Charles Rasp recognized the mineral potential of the area two years earlier. Today the city...

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