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Welcome to the Underground Motel!

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The Underground Motel in White Cliffs has been operating for over twenty years, attracting visitors from all over the world, who seek to experience “something distinctive and different”.

Due to the searing heat of outback NSW, people sought refuge underground, and discovered a unique and magical style of living. Underground, the motel remains a constant and comfortable 22 to 23 degrees, all year.

Part of the holiday experience is the truly stunning landscape that surrounds the Motel. The sunsets and sunrises that can be seen from the top of the hill, draw people from far and wide. It is a favourite place for inspiration for photographers and artists.

The Underground Motel provides accommodation and catering for singles to large families or groups and conferences. International visitors frequent the area and the motel.

You can take a tour of the town with one of the local guides. There are a number of galleries and shops, a heritage trail, and areas to fossick for opal. Meet the locals, take a walk, and begin to understand the magic of the outback, and the lure of the opal.

The complex contains a licensed restaurant, cafe and bar, which was all renovated and altered in 2012 with more renovations taking place including beer on tap at the bar. Lunch is now available, fresh and tasty meals are served each evening in the restaurant, and breakfast is served from 7.30 to 9.00am in the dining room each morning. It is likely that you will sit with and warm to someone you have never met. It is here that friendships are formed and people chat well into the evening, often seeking the same people to share breakfast with the next morning. There is also a BBQ available for guests wishing to cook their own food. The swimming pool sits in the Motel landing, with expansive views over the surrounding landscape, and there is a games room available for the use of our guests. So enjoy a game of table tennis or darts, or perhaps a movie night. We have just opened, a history and culture centre for visitors to White Cliffs, and for Motel guests.

So take a break and enjoy all that the underground has to offer!

Our Town

Experience Opals and Life Underground

White Cliffs

Ever wanted a great nights sleep without ANY ambient noise or light and not sure how to do it? Well, the answer is at White Cliffs. With the exception to a few essential travellers' services, most of White Cliffs is underground and it is a truly remarkable experience; even for those who may baulk at the underground experience.


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The Underground Motel

The Underground Motel:
129 Smiths Hill, White Cliffs
NSW, 2836

Phone: (02) 8091 6677


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