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Pet Friendly

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Trilby Station

Louth Accommodation

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Welcome to Trilby!

Trilby Station hosts

Staying with the Murray's on their historic 6th generation, 320,000 acre sheep and goar station on the banks of the beautiful and iconic Darling River is described by many as their ultimate Outback NSW experience. Liz and Gary have raised their four children at Trilby, are passionate about their outback way of life and enjoy sharing their experiences and lifestyle with visitors to the station.

Why not recapture the spirit of the wide, open spaces as you take a peek at the station with a 'mud map' in your hand.... throw a line in and fish for Cod and Yellow-belly .... boil your yabbies on an open fire and eat them fresh .... walk with the wildlife....smell the bush.... canoe this great river.... Or simply relax on the riverbank under the shade of the massive river red gums.

Telstra Next G mobile coverage available.

Liz and Gary have lived at Trilby since their marriage in 1981. Gary is a 5th generation Murray who settled here on the Darling River in 1860, when you could buy 60 acres for 60 pounds sterling anywhere in NSW. They have four children... Alex - 33, having completed her Masters in Architecture in 2009, has established Design Tribe Dubbo- Dubbo's only dedicated Architectural practice; Tom - 31, is home on the station most of the time, but flies choppers, mainly for rescue and bushfires when called on to do so; AJ - 22, has ditched is Uni studies to chase his dream – and is now completing his Commercial Pilots License this year with a view to full time employment within the aviation field; and Will – 21 this year, is home working on the station after a year Jackarooing in the Northern Territory and then gaining his pilot’s license.

Gary is very hard to get off the station, commenting work is his hobby, but Liz enjoys the challenges of remote area hiking; which she likens to 'physical meditation' – having tackled the Kokoda Track, Mt Kilimanjaro, the Larapinta Trail, The Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the stunningly beautiful Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, Mt Everest Base Camp with Alex and AJ and just recently the Indian Himalayas in Ladakh, Northern India. This year?... Liz plans to return to Nepal for a quick trek on her way to Oman in the Persian Gulf, where there are mountains and desert to conquer.

Our Town

The iconic Darling River town


"A place that loved a drink, a party and a punt.." So wrote Henry Lawson about Louth. Not a lot has changed for Louth in that respect. They have a reputation for staging a great party - an annual race meeting each August, that keeps the crowds coming back year after year. Racegoers just love the sheer isolation of Louth, the colourful bush characters and the experience of watching the horses thunder past the winning post in a cloud of dust. Louth Races are held in August.

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Trilby Station

Trilby Station:
Louth, via Bourke
NSW, 2840

Phone: (02) 6874 7420

Mobile: 0419 447 938


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