Pet Friendly

Conditions apply – Please enquire


Pet Friendly

Conditions apply – Please enquire

Trangie Caravan Park

Trangie Accommodation

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Welcome to Trangie Caravan Park!

trangie cp hosts

We are situated next to the town swimming pool and sports complex where we have large trees for shade and all our sites are drive through.

We have 6 unique timber cabins and a fully equipped camp kitchen.

Each night we have a happy hour in the winter months around our fire pit and in the summer our camp kitchen where you can learn about the local cotton industry and the growing of cotton.

So if you are traveling to or from any of our Out Back Bed partners why not make a stopover in Trangie where we would love to hear about your trips .


Our Town

Small Town, Big Heart!


Trangie is a small country service centre located on the Mitchell Highway about 500km north-west of Sydney as is part of the Macquarie Valley Irrigation Area. Neighbouring towns include Narromine, 35km to the south-east, and Nyngan, 90km to the northwest. A small town of approximately 1,100 people, it is dominated visually by the Trangie silo which is testament to Trangie’s location with the renowned wheat area of Narromine. In addition to wheat, other agricultural activities include cotton, wool, sorghum, and fat lambs.

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Trangie Caravan Park

Trangie Caravan Park:
38 Goan Street, Trangie
NSW, 2823

Phone: (02) 68887511


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