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Balranald Accommodation

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Welcome to Lake Paika!

Lake Paika hosts

Take a step back in time, unwind, relax and enjoy unique accommodation in the restored self-contained workmans' quarters. Experience this natural wetland, reinstated in 2012, after more than 100 years of being stranded from its lifeline, the Murrumbidgee River.

Lake Paika Station is one of the oldest properties in the area. The first European squatter was George Hobler in 1846. Burke & Wills also camped in the Paika stables.

In 1899, Lake Paika & Paika Creek became the site of Australia’s first environmental movement to protect a wetland.

Your Hosts, Dianne, Duff, & Iain invite you to experience Lake Paika Accommodation, which is nestled on a peninsula of Lake Paika. This 450ha natural wetland, recently reinstated after more than a 100 years of being "stranded" from its Murrumbidgee "lifeline" is quickly responding. Improved biodiversity of wildlife and vegetation regeneration has already occurred in response to watering.

Witness breathtaking sunsets and amazing birdlife. Guests are invited to fish, swim, bushwalk and birdwatch. Bring along your own canoe or fishing boat. Caravaning & camping is also available.

A bird watcher's and photographer's paradise, with over 20,000 waterbirds of more than 35 species having been observed. In November 2015 the endangered Little Bittern nested and hatched chicks in the surrounding wetlands!

Replace your alarm clock with the gentle sound of bird calls, bask in amazing sunsets that become star studded skies, and arise to clear sunrises signalling the start of your day!

Our Town

Gateway to Lake Mungo


The quiet and pretty town of Balranald is located on the Murrumbidgee River 859 km from Sydney. Originally inhabited by the Wemba-Wemba Aboriginal group, who called the area 'Nap Nap', Balranald was probably the first town settled on the New South Wales side of the river. Balranald is now one of the major entry points to the Lake Mungo National Park and the recently opened Yanga National Park.

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Lake Paika Accommodation

Lake Paika Accommodation:
1725 Ivanhoe Road, Balranald,
NSW, 2715

Phone: 03 5020 1653
Mobile:0427 206801


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