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Welcome to Imperial Fine Accommodation!

Imperial Fine AccommodationElegant 4 1/2 star accommodation with a personal touch awaits you at The Imperial, a beautifully restored heritage bluestone building (circa 1906) in the heart of Broken Hill where modern facilities sit happily alongside the gentle spirit of an Australia long past. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this family run boutique hotel .. small enough to be personal but large enough to find your own space and privacy.

The Imperial Fine Accommodation was purchased in February 2005 by the husband and wife team of Bill Balding and Cathy Dyer.

Both Bill and Cathy took transfers to work with the Area Health Service in Broken Hill. Bill, who headed up the Public Health Unit, planned a 12 month transfer, but now, 10 years later they call Broken Hill home.

Bill is The Imperial's manager, host and cook (and still runs a small Public Health consultancy) while Cathy works for the Aboriginal Medical Service.

They have three children, Matilda (Tilly), Aurora (Rory) and Noah.

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Imperial Fine Accommodation

Imperial Fine Accommodation
88 Oxide Street (PO Box 1062)
Broken Hill, 2880

Phone: (08) 8087 7444



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